Monday, April 20, 2015

Important notice relating to the importation of Dogs and Cats into Australia

We have received the following update from Dr Patrick Cass BVSc (Hons), Veterinary Office - Animal and Biological Import Assessments Branch, Department of Agriculture Australia.

"The Australian Government Department of Agriculture has recently noticed an increase in the number of dogs imported to Australia that have been administered inappropriate external parasite treatments as part of their pre-export preparations.  The products that have been used are oral formulations containing fluralaner, spinosad or afoxolaner. 

Australian import conditions require the use of external parasite treatments that kill ticks and fleas on contact. This means that the parasite is not able to bite the dog (or cat) in order to be exposed to the active ingredient and therefore, greatly reduces the chance of transmission of vector-borne diseases.  As a general rule, oral external parasite treatments do not meet Australian import conditions and should therefore not be relied upon for exporting dogs and cats to Australia.

The department’s website includes a table of acceptable parasite treatments for use in preparing dogs and cats for export to Australia -  We strongly advise all prospective exporters to consult this list prior to beginning export preparations.  The list is not exhaustive but where an exporter wishes to use an unlisted product they should contact us first to check that it will be appropriate."

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Issued 20th April 2015